Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Royal Lady Hannah

In my efforts to not gain tremendous weight on this blogging endeavor, I've been trying to get in as much walking as possible during my days. My favorite route is up Comm Ave towards downtown Boston, a stop at Tealuxe, then walk back down Newbury Street to my office. Not only do I get in an hour of walking, I also get a great no-calorie treat.

With the on-again, off-again nice weather we've been having, I've had the chance to try many of Tealuxe's iced teas. They offer 4 at a time, and one or two always strike my fancy (luckily, they give free samples). My favorite by far has been the Lady Hannah.

The tea is a wonderfully deep red color, bursting with strong fruity flavors. The mix is made up of whole blackberries, stawberries, apple, citrus peel, rosehips and hibiscus.

One thing you won't find in there, though, is tea, making Lady Hannah a tisane, or herbal infusion. So no caffeine, but really, this makes for an even better ice tea. You can drink a gallon of it, and it will still be refreshing, not dehydrating at all.

Getting thirsty yet?


Denice said...

Love your blog!! Wondering if you might have a post in the near future about a dinner party - your ideal one - and what sort of dishes you would serve? Especially for something during the summer - lighter fare, etc.

Pam said...

You just want me to have a dinner party so you can come over... I know you!

Um, in the summer, I trend towards light Italian... grilled chicken, lots of salad with oil and vinegar, and this insanely good arugula/pecorino/honey/bread thing (this will be posted about).

I don't know, I haven't done much entertaining in the past... that's part of the fun of this whole thing, I have no idea what I'm doing!