Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday I'm In Love... with Coffee-Mate Creamer Girl Scout Flavors

As a Girl Scout (yup, like still - I think I even have my card in my wallet), I kind of love that Girl Scout Cookies have become a thing far beyond scouting in general. I mean, I still think scouting (and its relationship with cookie selling) is very, very important. My parents made me go door-to-door in our quiet neighborhood to sell cookies, teaching me confidence and poise from a very young age. But the idea of Girl Scout Cookies has become so infused in our culture that just linking a product to the brand will likely increase the chance that someone will buy it.

Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer has paired with the Girl Scouts to make your daily cup of coffee taste like a cookie. I don't usually use creamer (plain cream only for me, please!), but I couldn't help but try Thin Mint creamer. Would I have looked at this twice if it had just been called chocolate mint? No, not at all. The Girl Scout Cookie marketing worked on me!

And yes, the Thin Mint creamer tastes just like the real thing! And I actually enjoyed the other flavor, Caramel Coconut, even more! These are overly sweet for me, but then, I don't use any sweetener anymore, but these definitely make a nice sweet treat in my ice coffee. I've even developed a drink to enjoy while on summer vacation.

Rum and Coconut Iced Coffee
Ice coffee (I've used Starbucks VIA blended with cold water in a pinch)
Coffee-Mate Girl Scouts Caramel Coconut creamer
Spiced rum (I like Kraken)

Fill a tall glass with ice, then fill 3/4 full with cold coffee. Add equal parts creamer and rum, then stir to combine. Best enjoyed on a lounge chair in the shade.

Full disclosure note: Samples of these creamer flavors were sent to me for free.