Friday, August 22, 2008

Black Bottle, Seattle

My favorite meal on my Seattle trip was at Black Bottle, a restaurant recommended by Liney's friend, Katie. We spent a busy day at the Space Needle, the Experience Music Project, and the Science Fiction Museum, and Black Bottle was on our walk home. We sat at the bar and had the pleasure of talking to two excellend bartenders.

The food at Black Bottle is... oh so good. The concept is "small" plates for sharing, but there's nothing small about them. Plates run around $10 each.

The flatbreads (of which we tried the prosciutto and bechamel) are baked in long tart pans, so the edges get slighly fluted. Crispy and gooey, they're they perfect snack for sharing.

We also ordered the lamb plate, which was really a hummus and baba ganoush plate with a couple small lamb skewers. Don't get me wrong, the lamb was tender and very well cooked, but it wasn't the focus of the dish. And while the hummus and baba ganoush may not photograph very well, they taste fantastic. The portions are so large that we were glad we ordered a veggie side for dipping.

Now, I'm never one to go to a restaurant and just order a plate of veggies, but I would go back (if I were in the area) for a plate of their broccoli. It was a huge plate (I mean, huge) of perfectly roasted, deliciously garlicky and salty broccoli. And the hummus and baba ganoush were perfect compliments, adding creaminess to the crunchy veggies. Just thinking about that broccoli has got me jonesing for some right now.

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Anonymous said...

the photo of that pizza is great

Pam said...

Thanks! It tasted about 10 times better, though.