Thursday, April 10, 2008

Smoothie Weather

God, wasn't today beautiful? It won't be long now before the winter coats can get packed away and the flip flops can make their way back into my wardrobe.

So on my way to class this evening, after pushing my way through the crowds that tend to hang around outside Fenway before a game, not knowing what they're doing, I stopped at a new smoothie place on Boylston to celebrate the amazing weather. Robeks is in the new Trinity building, and I'm not quite sure how long it's been open. There were a lot of people gathered inside waiting for their smoothies, and it was a little hard to tell who was waiting for their drinks and who was waiting to order and pay.

I ended up with a small Malibu Peach, which has papaya juice, peaches, non-fat yogurt, and ice. It was really delicious, and I could have easily had more than the small 12 ounces. It was also the smoothest smoothie I've had in a long time, probably because there was very little actual fruit involved (a recent berry smoothie from another shop left me picking seeds out of my teeth for hours).

And while I thought the drink was really good, $3.99 for a (small) small was a bit steep. Will I go back? Sure, especially since it's something different on my route to school. Will I go often? Probably not... for the same price at Starbucks, I also get caffeine to help me stay awake during lectures (plus, flavored syrups are now free!).

One last thought: how can anyone stand to work there? The blenders were so loud, much louder than any I've heard before, that my ears hurt while I waited. I can't imagine what spending an 8-hour shift in there would do to you...

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sock in a toaster said...

I am so excited about this place. YAY smoothies. I can't wait to try it.