Monday, April 7, 2008

Cheap Eats: The Lower Depths

Don't have tickets to opening day at Fenway? Well, Bostonist can't help with tickets, but we can definitely help with the food.

The Lower Depths Tap Room is located on Commonwealth Avenue in Kenmore Square, only a few short blocks from where all the action will be tomorrow. No matter how busy it gets in the neighborhood, though, this bar and restaurant stays relatively peaceful. It's no sports bar - while there are two small TVs over the bar, they're definitely not the best place to catch the action. Where the Lower Depths shines is with their cheap eats.

When was the last time you got a hot dog at Fenway for $1? The Lower Depths offers $1 Fenway Franks year-round - plump, grilled dogs served on buttered and toasted New England-style rolls. They also offer a Tokyo dog (aka the Dice K Dog) ($2), a panko-crusted hot dog that serves its time in the deep fryer. The coating isn't thick like on a corndog, but is instead light and extra crunchy. In addition, there is a housemade, hot pretzel on the menu ($2.50) that blows away the premade pretzels at the park. It is warm and yeasty and slightly greasy, topped with sea salt and served with a fantastic chunky ale mustard, perfect for dipping.

With prices like that, you might be able to affort a ticket to the park (ok, maybe not). Be careful if you eat there before a game, though, as service can be very slow. Also, be forewarned that they are cash-only.

Originally posted on Bostonist.

Lower Depths Tap Room in Boston


The Cap'n said...

You have to Hot Line these things to me!!

Pam said...

Dude, you can come down here ANY DAY and have lunch with me...