Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Game-Time Peanuts

Using my usual tactics of "just letting tickets fall into my hands," I went to the Red Sox game last night with a very nice invitation from my uncle. They were awesome seats, all the way in the top pavilion level, but sadly, we weren't seated together. Eh, it's a game, I'll take it. And my, was it an exciting one. Ellsbury and Pedroia are HOT! Plus, I found it funny that the woman in front of me kept yelling "Big Popeye!"

Foodwise, I've never been a fan of eating at the park. The food is passable, but I have a hard time paying over $10 for lukewarm chicken fingers. Plus, you can get Fenway Franks at any time at the Lower Depths! No, I grab dinner beforehand (UBurger, in this case) and munch of peanuts during the game.

Most people my age don't go for the peanuts, but for beer. I'm just not a beer drinker. But my peanut habit is something I've picked up from my dad (I think part of it is that he likes being able to throw the shells on the ground without having to worry about cleaning them up). We share a bag of peanuts every time we go to a game, and there are always nuts around when we watch or listen to the games at home. Just opening the bag up smells like summer, enough to make me forget that it was a little chilly last night. I just love the mindless action of getting them out of the shell and the dust that seems to cover everything by the end of a game. Forget those Cracker Jacks! It's just not a trip to Fenway without a bag of peanuts.

What's your must-order for ballpark snacks?


Ginny said...

I love to have the nachos when I go to any sporting event...there is just something about them that screams sports!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! Forget the Cracker Jack...give me peanuts.

Pam said...

Mmm, nachos... I hear you! For some reason, that weird cheese goo seems like a completely valid food when you're at a game.

Glad you're on the peanut train, OCG!

Anonymous said...

If I don't have the following when I'm at the park, the Sox will lose:

-blueberry beer at Beerworks before the game

-fenway frank at the game

I almost always get peanuts, too, but I haven't figured out yet if the win also hinges on them.

I agree with OCG - why on earth would you want to east Cracker Jack and get your fingers so sticky as to attract more gross germs to your hands?

Have your ears been burning, by the by? You're quite the hot topic these days...details to come. And drinks. Drinks and details!

Pam said...

If all it takes is you having a beer and a hot dog, I say we take up a collection!

And yes, my ears have been burning... but I thought it was this cold I've managed to come down with. I do love drinks... and details!