Monday, November 12, 2012

Geeky Cookie Cutters

Cake? Meh. Pie? Tasty, but unnecessary. Cookies? Lifeblood.

As evidenced by the multitude of cookie recipes on this site, I LOVE baking cookies of all kinds. Although I never find roll-out cookies the tastiest of the clan, I love what they're capable of in terms of decoration. I have bags of cookie cutters of all shapes and sizes, but my favorite are always the geeky cookie cutters.

I have Portal cookie cutters (above), Star Wars cookie cutters, and my beloved ABC Gingerbread men (which I have even turned into zombies).  There are more that I want to buy: the Labcutter set, GingerDead Men, zombie, the Pac Man set.

But in reality, if you want to get really geeky, you've got to go to Etsy. There's My Little Pony, Hunger Games, Bacon and Eggs, and a latte cup, not to mention the countless makers who will create cookie cutters to your specifications.

Do you have favorite geeky or unusual cookie cutters? I want to hear about them!!

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The Red Menace said...

I have some "Ninjabread Men" that I'm a big fan of, but everyone else seems to enjoy the Christmas Trout. It's just a fish-shaped cutter but since everyone seems so enamored of it I dutifully make some every year for our cookie decorating party.