Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back to Pinterest

When Pinterest first popped up, I jumped on the bandwagon like everyone else. I enjoyed it for a while, but I wasn't using it in a way that I found helpful. I deleted my account and never looked back.

Until, of course, the week before Halloween this year. I was informed that a friend who is planning her wedding had joined, and all of her bridesmaids were adding to her wedding board. I rejoined to follow the progress, but before long (like, within minutes), I was obsessed with everything Halloween that the internet had to share. And now? I have boards for recipes, boards for holidays, boards for work, boards for travel, boards for crafts, and boards for laughs. I'm obsessed again, and I don't see it waning as quickly as last time.

Are you on Pinterest? Really, I'm only asking so I can steal all your pins :)


Michelle Collins said...

I <3 Pinterest! So glad you got back into it - it's a great way to get inspiration for a whole bunch of parties, holidays, recipes, etc.

Liz from EatingPlaces said...

Pinterest is great - although I will never understand how some people have 10,000 pins. I look forward to checking yours out! Mine is

Anonymous said...

I sure am. You can find me at ... if you want to link up.