Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday I'm In Love... with Mint Chocolate Polar Seltzer

I have recently cut all soda out of my life, and while I'm not missing the actual soda, I am missing the bubbles. And although I've been a big fan of seltzer for a while, I've really fallen back on it as of late.

Polar Seltzer is by far my favorite seltzer, aided by the fact that they're local and they come up with awesome seasonal flavors. During this past summer, I guzzled their ginger lemonade flavor by the bottle.

Now that their winter flavors are out, I have something new to obsess over - mint chocolate seltzer! I've had chocolate seltzer from other companies before, and it was gross and fake-tasting. This, however, is not like that at all. I was quite surprised at how refreshing this seltzer is. The flavor is light and not at all cloying. It even can take the place of dessert if you just want a little bit of sweet after a meal.  In fact, I have already started stockpiling this flavor for when it disappears in a few months.

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