Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Presents

This year, more than past years, I tried to make a lot of my gifts for friends and family. Somehow, though, the month passed by without my getting that much done, so I only ended up making a few things. Recipes will follow in the coming days, once all the family events are done.

Tourshi - Armenian pickled vegetables - for my parents and brothers (and myself, of course)

Quince jam for my mother

Buddhacello (from my Buddha's hand) for my parents, my brother, and a friend


Unknown said...

Do I spy asparagus in your tourshi? My brother and I were recently talking about making our own - and including asparagus since we've never found it made with that before! Very cool. :)

Pam said...

No, those are green beans. I was going to do asparagus, but my father vetoed it. It would definitely be delicious, though!

And tourshi's so easy to make, it's stupid to buy any. The hardest part is finding a jar that works.