Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Garrett Popcorn, Chicago

I'm back from a week-long business trip to Chicago, where I unfortunately ate mostly hotel food for 7 days. I managed to get out a few times, but then I was usually too tired to sit down to a full meal.

On my roommate's recommendation (as he grew up outside of Chicago), I found a Garrett Popcorn Shop for a late evening snack. I could smell the place from about a block away, and I let the aroma pull me in.

The shop was small, and a man behind the counter was scooping popcorn out of giant plastic bags - not terribly appealing. There were only a handful of choices, but really, how many popcorn flavor choices do you need? I opted for the Cashew CaramelCrisp and was quite pleased. The cashews were not too soft, as can often be a problem when they're incorporated with other ingredients, and all of the popcorn kernels were well popped and not break-your-teeth hard. It seemed a little pricy at over $7 for a large bag (8-10 ounces perhaps?), but I was impressed with the quality of the product.

It's a good thing, though, that it's not something you can get in Boston, because I'm sure that would be a problem for me...

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