Monday, January 21, 2008

Boston's Cheap Eats

You know, I've been thinking... I clearly must not be keeping myself very busy with work and school and my intership and this blog and life in general. That, or I've gone insane. Because I've signed up to write cheap eats reviews for Bostonist. Keep an eye on Bostonist every Monday for a review of a restaurant with prices (ideally) under $10.

Last week was Basta Pasta, and this week was New England Soup Factory.

If you've got any great cheap eat tips, please send them my way! And if you want to join me on a chow crawl, just drop me a line!


Anonymous said...

new england soup factory has to be my favorite thing about life. except the prices. love, michael bez

Pam said...

But for what it is, and in comparison to other places to get soup, the prices are pretty good.

Liney said...

That's so cool!