Monday, December 3, 2007

Send a Holiday eCookie

This morning, I had a great email waiting for me from my friend Sarah - a cookie ecard from Betty Crocker.

The website allows you to decorate six different cookie shapes with a huge array of frosting colors and sprinkles. You can use it as a chance to try out your decorating techniques before the onslaught of real cookies in the next few weeks. Plus, it's much neater than messing up your own kitchen. When you finish, you can email your creation to a friend. Completed cookies are displayed on the front page of the site for others to enjoy.

Not only is this tons of fun to play around with, but Betty Crocker is also donating ten cents for each cookie created to Toys for Tots... so get decorating!

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JB said...

Pam, I just got your comment on my Mac and Cheese post, and yes, I'm totally going to teh ATK open house. I went last year and had a great time. JB