Saturday, December 29, 2007

Met Bar and Grill, Natick

The Natick Collection, basically an extension of the Natick Mall, opened a few months ago. It has more upscale shopping, and with that comes more upscale eats. I hit the Met Bar and Grill, a satellite of the Metropolitan Club in Chestnut Hill, with some friends prior to a screening of I Am Legend.

There are two menus at this restaurant: a regular menu, with appetizers, salads, and main dishes, and a burger menu, with different burgers as well as a design-your-own option. There is a lot to choose from here, from standards like cheese and bacon to more out-there options, like kimchi and truffle oil. It took me forever to decide on a combination to suit my mood, but I doubt anyone would have trouble finding something.

The best part is that they offer more than just burgers. Besides a regular beef blend, they also offer a Kobe burger, a turkey burger, a veggie burger, and grilled chicken breast.

We shared a bowl of onion strings while we waited for our meals. They were crispy and delicious, with not too much batter or oil. They would be perfect on one of the burgers, and in fact, they are an option on the long list of topping choices.

I finally decided on grilled chicken on a wheat bun with arugula, feta and tzatziki. The chicken was plump and juicy, and the feta and arugula were filled with flavor. The tzatziki, however, was someone uninteresting, and I would probably opt for a different dressing next time. The sandwiches are reasonably sized, not so large that you feel overly full afterwards. They come with a small serving of fries, but again, not too much to make you feel like you've over eaten. Overall, the food was tasty and the serving sizes were perfect.

Service, however, was terrible. Our server was slow and kept forgetting parts of our order, and we had to chase her down to give her our credit card. Once service problems are cleared up, though, I think this will be a great option for dining - whether you're already shopping at the mall or not.

Met Bar and Grill in Natick


Susie said...

I LOVE The Met!!! Seriously write about it at least once a month in my blog :) I haven't been to the Natick one yet, but I was just at the Chesnut Hill one on Thurs and we had the best service ever. The waitstaff is fabuous!

And their food is amazinggg.

Pam said...

So I gather from your millions of posts about the place ;)

The Natick one seemed more laid back than the Chestnut Hill restaurant (cheaper too). The waitstaff problems will fix themselves out after a while, I'm sure.