Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cookie Swap

Cookie Swap. Wouldn't that be a better show than Wife Swap? As much as I fear what TV will become with the continued writers' strike, I might actually watch "Cookie Swap."

Much thanks to my friend Denice for a wonderful cookie swap party. Remarkably, the only overlap in cookies was two sets of dreidel cookies... who would have thought?

There were some standards - sugar cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin. My tortured gingerbread men all found good homes deep within people's bellies. Denice tried her hand at a couple of my recipes and did an excellent job with them both. Some others that stood out for me were the chocolate "boot track" waffle cookies, the ginger blueberry white chocolate cookies, and the chocolate cookies with Andes mints bits.

There was also a great assortment of drinks - eggnog, hot cider and five different kinds of tea. Just perfect on a nasty, icy Boston night.

So thanks again, Denice. By the way, if we do have a Buffy night, we should have themed food, but what? All I can think of is "skeezy cheeses" and fake blood in a "Kiss the Librarian" mug.

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