Friday, August 10, 2007

An Ode to Pinchy and Grabby

My long weekend down the Cape was very peaceful. I managed to read three books, fall asleep on the beach, and get in plenty of shopping. We only got to see the sunset one night, thanks to fog and rain, but it was a spectacular one. I especially liked the tiny toy truck we found as we shuffled our feet through the sand.

As promised, there was lobster. My mother and I enjoyed our meals while my father looked on in not-quite-horror. And I didn't make too much of a mess of myself! The lobsters were so sweet, and we paired them with some extra-sweet, local corn, for the freshest of meals.

I named the lobsters Pinchy (above) and Grabby (not shown). I feel that (without getting into a big moral debate), if you're going to eat meat of any form, you should be able to watch the animal get killed. Now, I don't live near many abattoirs, but cooking lobsters is something that can be done at home. So I salute you, Pinchy and Grabby! Thanks for the perfect meal, boys!


Liney said...

okay okay - you should be able to watch it die or whatever... but name it first???

Pam said...

It was my ode to Homer Simpson. If I had a helper monkey, it's name would be Mojo. An elephant, Stampy.

I'm just saying...