Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Stove Hates Me

It's official, my stove hates me. I'm going to a party tonight, and I was working on a batch of mini cherry tarts to bring along. Without warning, the cherries started to burn in their pot. Now the whole apartment smells like charred sweetness. And I have no eggs, so I can't bake cookies.



wheresmymind said...

Sounds like it was time to make a run to trader joes for some PB Joe Joe's!!

Pam said...

I ended up buying some florentines from Athan's... post to follow.

But over all, I heart Trader Joes.

Sarah C. said...

My oven hates me. Its electric, as everything seems to be in the midwest, and one it reaches initial temp it cycles off and often doesnt come back on. :(
I will no doubt post about it when it ruins my next batch of cookies. sigh

Unknown said...

my stove hates me so much, its been the name of my blog for years now.