Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Farewell Dollhouse

My friends and I enjoy throwing pop culture-themed parties. First there was the all-day Firefly viewing party, then the Lord of the Rings weekend (those movies drag a little when you watch all three extended versions back to back to back), and of course, the party for the ill-fated Drive, complete with Matchbox cars for everyone. So what better way to celebrate (perhaps mourn is a better word?) Dollhouse then with themed food and drinks.

Ann made a rich chocolate cake, and the plain frosting seemed like a perfect place to get in a little Dollhouse. We drew on the dolls' beds, with the dolls nested safely inside. When it came time to eat the cake, I felt odd asking for the piece with Echo on it, but I liked how she came out the most. It was like asking for the slice with the frosting rose, only... you know, a person.

Activities were planned for the evening as well (besides watching the episodes Epitaph One and Epitaph Two): bonsai trimming, fingerpainting, and yoga (all of which the dolls do in the dollhouse). We also printed out these awesome paper dolls and had some fun taking pictures of them. Above, some of the dolls are posed with our Dollhouse-themed drinks. My favorite, though, may be Topher and his drawer of inappropriate starches. All the pictures are here.

Plans are underway for a Joss-verse-themed birthday party for a friend in May. I'm already itching to bake some Fruity Oaty Bars and drink from my Kiss the Librarian mug. What else should we make?

Dollhouse Cocktails

The Wedge
3 parts vodka
1 part Midori
4 parts Sprite
lemon and lime wedges
Combine over ice in a pint glass.

The Imprint
3 parts gin
2 parts PAMA (pomegranate liqueur)
1 part pineapple juice
3 parts seltzer
Combine over ice in a pint glass.

The Attic
2 parts vodka
2 parts gin
1 part blue curacao
1 part pineapple juice
3 parts seltzer
1/2 lime
Combine over ice in a glass, then cover with plastic wrap and drink through a straw.


Erin said...

Once again huge kudos Pam! I love the way you think.

Pam said...

Hehe, thanks Erin!

adele said...

I've only seen part of one episode of Dollhouse, but I read the synopses on Wikipedia. (I almost prefer reading TV to watching it. I'm weird that way.) This is great. Love the cake!