Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wellesley Bakery in (Surprisingly) Wellesley

Another stop on my recent wander through Wellesley was the Wellesley Bakery. Ann thought we should hold off on dessert at Susu and hit this stop instead (hey, I wasn't going to argue, since I'm all for trying as many places as possible).

Entering the Wellesley Bakery is almost a culture shock after Susu. Where Susu is polished and gleaming and fancy, Wellesley Bakery is more homey and a little more what a real working bakery should feel like. The workers are clearly busy in the back, because there's even a bell to ring if they're not at the counter.
Everything looked so good in there that I had a hard time making a decision... so I didn't. I ordered a bunch of different cookies and proceeded to eat them over the next three days. The linzer cookie (above) was my favorite - truly delicious, buttery, flaky cookies sandwiched around gooey, condensed raspberry jam. I would be very happy if I could make cookies that good. The peanut butter cookie was chewy, not hard and dense, and I really liked that. It was also not overly peanut buttery, and it had little peanut butter chips in it as well. The oatmeal chocolate chip was my least favorite of the bunch, but that doesn't mean it was not good - the oats and the chocolate were well balanced.

I also ordered a raspberry croissant, but I didn't get around to eating it for a few days. And while it was still good when I did eat it, I'm sure it would have been fantastic when fresh... *sigh*, I guess I'll just have to go back.

As I was standing at the counter, I spied some interesting sodas in the case out of the corner of my eye. Mash ("a water drink") comes in some interesting mixes, like mango-blood orange and pommegranate-blueberry. The flavors were intense and delicious. They're made our of sparkling water and juices, so they're slightly better for you than a Coke. I just wish I knew where to find them closer to the city.

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Jess in boston said...

hello! i think they sell those "sodas" at Fiore's bakery in Jamaica Plain -- at least they were selling them at their table at the Arboretum last Sunday. I didn't get one, though they looked delicious! Thanks for the reviews -- I found you through Bostonist and have been enjoying your sites

Anonymous said...

I saw a ginger root one at the White Hen in Brighton Center.

Of all places.

Semester is officially over. Eastern Standard?

Pam said...

Thanks, guys, you're awesome! (and so quick with responses!)