Monday, May 12, 2008

Cheap Eats: Flat Patties

At a restaurant named Flat Patties, the obvious choice is a burger. And sure, the burgers are cheap and tasty, but there are other winners on the menu that are just as good (if not better) and don't require much cash in your pocket.

The grilled chicken sandwich ($3.25) is well-seasoned and super moist, a big plus for a dish that can often be dry and tough with poor cooking. The Shredded Pork sandwich ($3.25) is heaped with tiny pieces of pork and little chunks of onion in a sweet tomato sauce - a little strange, but something that is impossible to stop eating. All burgers and sandwiches are served on fluffy buns that are grilled to achieve a crispy layer between the meat and the bread.

And what would a fast food meal be without fries? At Flat Patties, they serve fries of the shoestring variety, which are crispy and delicious. There's nothing worse than having soggy fries left at the end of the meal, and that is definitely not a problem in here.

Flat Patties is located in the food court of the Garage at JFK Street and Mt. Auburn Street. They open at 11:30am and close at 10:00pm on Sunday through Wednesday and 11:00pm Thursday through Saturday.

Originally posted on Bostonist.

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Trevor said...

Not a fan of the flat "no patty" burger. Good flavor but the patty is about the width of a nickel. When I've gotten the fries they have been crispy but terribly greasy...