Monday, February 11, 2008

Cheap Eats: Silvertone Bar and Grill

Sometimes you want something nicer than a counter-service type of place but you don't want to spend a ton of money. Pub food is always a good choice in that situation. Many bars, though, have only standard (i.e. greasy) food to go with the drinks. Silvertone Bar & Grill, located on Bromfield Street near the Park Street T stop, serves up just what you need.

On first entry, the subterranean room feels like a noisy bar – because it is. The acoustics aren't great, so don't expect a quiet meal, but the drinks are strong and the food is filling, delicious, and cheap! It's a little calmer in the dining room section, away from the bar itself.

The calamari appetizer ($8) is huge, definitely for sharing. The squid rings are nicely fried and accompanied by thinly sliced fried leeks, a potent garlicky aioli, and a spicy dipping sauce. The restaurant is best known for its mac & cheese and steak tips – both fantastic. The mac & cheese ($8) is a more gourmet version of the childhood favorite, and its topping of buttered breadcrumbs adds a nice textural contrast to the gooey cheese. The steak tips ($12), flavored with a "Long Island marinade," are juicy and perfectly cooked. The accompanying mashed potatoes are smooth and well-seasoned. Both meals come with greens tossed in a light vinaigrette.

Entrees hover around the $10 mark and are hearty and filling meals. The restaurant also has an imaginative (and reasonably priced) cocktail list.

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Silvertone Bar & Grill in Boston


Karen Zgoda said...

I'm a huge fan of Silvertone, and I'm not biased because I had my first date with my boyfriend there. :) Silvertone has about the best Spaghetti Bolognese I've ever tasted - highly recommended!

Did they give you a hard time about taking pictures of the food? Some places get upset if I bring out my camera and I want to blog the food.

Pam said...

No, they didn't give me a hard time - and I even used flash (which I don't usually do)! The couple next to us gave me a weird look, but that's fine by me. I've never had anyone try to stop me. I think more places are getting hip to the idea that bloggers give them free press.