Monday, July 7, 2008

Cheap Eats: Fin's Sushi + Grill

Japanese restaurants can get pricy pretty fast - sushi adds up. But Fin's Sushi + Grill (in Kenmore Square and Cleveland Circle) has a fantastic bento lunch special that severely cuts down on the cost.

For between $7 and $9, you'll get a heaping mound of healthy and delicious food that fills you up for the afternoon. Miso soup, salad, 2 pork gyoza, 2 pieces of California roll, a pile of fresh fruit, and more rice than you can eat shares the box with your choice of entrees (the teriyaki salmon is pictured above). The teriyaki is especially tasty - it's not overpoweringly sweet, but has a nice saltiness that pairs well with the fish.

The lunch special at Fin's is served Monday through Saturday, 11:30am to 3:00pm. They are located on Beacon Street in Kenmore Square (perfect for lunch before a day game) and on Chestnut Hill Avenue (between the B and the C lines) in Brighton.

Originally posted on Bostonist.


Ashfrin said...

Nice picture. The food makes me hungry just looking at it.

wheresmymind said... bento boxes

Pam said...

Thanks, Yellowfruit!

Yeah, I love the variety you get with a bento box... many more flavors than a typical lunch.