Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tealuxe, Newbury Street

There has been much tea talk around the office lately. One coworker, our newest hire, loves tea, and she makes a different type (or two) every day. She has been buying her supply at Teavana, a place that I've never been thrilled with. I am a hard-core Tealuxe fan. So when we found out that our tea-obsessed friend had never been to Tealuxe, we knew we all had to go for lunch one day.

It's rare that I eat at Tealuxe. In the summer, the patio is always packed, as are most Newbury Street patios. In the winter, only the basement dining room is open. It's small, so there's usually a wait for a table, but it seems like a large area. Everything is brass and mirror, making the tiny room seem huge.

As a group of 6, we had a bit of a wait before we could get a table. No problem, though, as it gave us a chance to take a good hard look at the menus - food and tea.

I settled on the Sonoma panino - chicken with salsa and jack cheese. All sandwiches are served with the choice of potato chips, potato salad, or green salad - but really, the only choice you should make is the green salad. The dressing is very unique, infused with some type of tea (obviously, in a place like this).

And I had the Kir Royale ice tea to go along with my meal. Everyone else ordered hot tea, but I'm not a big fan of hot beverages with my food (unless we're talking coffee with a piece of cake or something). There are always 3 or 4 brewed ice teas available, with different flavor profiles to suit any taste.

Overall, Tealuxe offers a respectable light lunch. I still wish it were closer to my office, but I'll take it as a good thing - I'm not ordering tea there everyday like I would be.

Tealuxe in Boston


Anonymous said...

I go there a few times a month for lunch, actually, although usually only with one or two colleagues. There's a table in the basement we find particularly inspiring, as we've had some great meetings there.

I'm a big fan of the kahuna(?) tuna melt, and I usually get the potato salad although the tea infused dressing is quite tasty. On a ridiculous chilly day when everyone in your office is being an asshole, go there and get spicy chai and crumpets with jam. It's a snack that makes the world a nicer place.

Trevor said...

I like the breakfast served at tealuxe. I did buy my teas there for sometime but I've moved on to http://www.uptontea.com. Good staff too...

Pam said...

Jenny, just walking to Tealuxe is my escape when I can't stand to be in the office another minute.

Trevor, what kinds of things do they offer for breakfast? Obviously pastries and crumpets and such, but any more meal-ish things? I'll check out Upton Tea too, now that it's warm drink weather.