Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Joy of Cooking?

Where's the joy in this?

I realize that some people need convenience foods like this in their life... hell, I've used these bagged throw-it-all-in-a-skillet meals in a pinch. But to equate them with one of the most famous cookbooks, one that can be found in many home and professional kitchens? Does this seem wrong to anyone else?

And since we all need some convenience in our lives (albeit less sacrilicious), what's your favorite frozen food? Of late, I've been a fan of Trader Joe's Garden Vegetable Lasagne and Cedarlane Beans, Rice and Cheese-style Burrito.


Erin said...

The irony there will bowl you over. That's hilarious! Although I can't throw stones in my glass house. I love Trader Joe's big bag of IQF chicken breasts and tenders, and I also use a lot of frozen fruits and vegetables. I also love the frozen "Revolution" Flatbread Pizzas. Plus, if I don't have leftovers, I take various frozen dinners to work for lunch. I just can't cook every live long day ;)

Liney said...

Something smells of grandchildren inheriting an empire.

Pam said...

Don't get me wrong, I love frozen foods, but equating them with the Joy of Cooking seems perverse to me.

Anonymous said...

The Kashi frozen meals are great

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I thought the same thing when I saw them, and my preverse nature made me try them. I have to say, not bad.

They come all in one door so you can buy an entire meal right there instead of running all over the grocery store, and each product has some easy recipes to follow to add your own touch, which I liked. I turned a bagged meal into a pasta bake with very little effort and my family thought I had made it myself... now that, my friends, is the Joy of Cooking... or not cooking, or of cheating... I'm not sure which.

Anonymous said...

I went to after googling this. That led me to another site they have that has some hysterical footage of I'm not sure what - some sort of dragon.

imjustatree said...

in all seriousness, i think for some people, heating up frozen food is cooking.

i like frozen pizzas.

btw, to give you an update on a while back if you remember, i was the one with the question about the mahleb..i found it at this middle eastern farmer's market near where i work, and the cookies came out well, except that i forgot to chop up the pistachios. but i look forward to finding other recipes that use mahleb...i've never heard of it until your blog. keep up the great posts.

Pam said...

Yes, I do like the Kashi frozen meals, but they're so expensive! I'm a Kashi junkie, though, so I still buy them from time to time.

Mom of 3, I'm glad to hear they're not too bad.

Cooker mooker, yeah, that dragon thing is weird. I like the video of him just shoving twinkies into his mouth, though.

You're righ, Mother May I, which is why calling it "the Joy of Cooking" seems so wrong! And I'm glad you liked the cookies! I love mahleb, so I might have some more recipes up sometime soon. And don't worry about chopping the pistachios, I think in the traditional recipe, they're just pushed into the top of the cookie anyway.

sudu said...

I love frozen foods....its cheaper than eating out and I don't get to slave over the stove- not that I don't like that but there is just no time!
Kashi entrees are great- organic and healthy. But among the skillet meals try the Bertolli pastas- it smells so great and tastes terrific- its as good as take out! Amy's garden veg lasagnia is also good- i'll have to try the TJ's sometime soon.
With frozen food priced at $ 3 - $4its a great bargain.