Sunday, November 18, 2012

Charcoal Guido's, Waltham

Although I don't usually review (let alone even try) a restaurant the week that it opens, I'll make an exception for the newest pizza place in Waltham, Charcoal Guido's. After stopping in with some friends last night for dinner, I am happy to say that the restaurant is a happy addition to the Moody Street restaurant scene.

We started with a couple of appetizers - arancini and lamb skewers. The arancini were crispy on the outside and had a wonderfully rich flavor. Not at all gummy or dense. The lamb was really fantastic - tender and flavorful, with a very nice spicy sauce on the side. All appetizers are $8, and there are definitely more I want to try.

We then split a couple of pizzas: the Prosciutto and the Salsiccia. The Prosciutto was long and thin and topped with perfectly dressed arugula, parmesan shavings, and thinly-sliced prosiutto. The Salsiccia was a more standard round pizza, topped with tomato sauce, ricotta, and high-quality sausage. Each pizza could serve one (without appetizers); two was perfect for three people. A fourth friend really wanted the Diavola pizza, but the rest of us didn't, so she ate half and took the rest home.

The crust was very good as well, although there are still a few kinks to work out. The Salsiccia pizza was a bit limp under all of it's toppings (a little less ricotta would probably help). The Prosciutto was paper-thin in the middle, with chunky edges on the side - I loved the crispness of the center, but the ends were a bit too doughy by comparison. And because they were cooked in a wood oven, there were some burned spots - to be expected, but still a few too many.

If you really want a drink with your pizza, Charcoal Guido's has a full liquor license, although their cocktail menu is a little uninspired. You might want to take a cue from our evening, though, and head across the street to The Gaff for a good (cheap and tasty) drink.

Service wasn't fantastic, nor was it awful. Given some time, I'm sure Charcoal Guido's will work out its issues and be a solid place to eat in Waltham.

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Marie Cloutier said...

I'm putting this on my list! sounds great. Lamb! Arancini!

Erin said...

Mm...lamb. Good tip. I didn't even know there was anything new opening. We need to make another dinner date and I've never been to The Gaff ;)

Anonymous said...

In defense of Charcoal Guido's, they have only been open three weeks. So they are still working on their drink menu. However like you said, they have a full liquor license and they are able to make anything you can think of, so I'm not sure how it could be "un-inspired". I guess it's up to your imagination to think of a drink you would like. Or do you need someone to think for you to? And I implore to you, find another restaurant in Waltham where you can get $8 apps and $8 pasta dishes, you won't find any, at all. Haters gonna hate, you go Charcoal Guido's, I love it there. Awesome service, awesome food, and a friendly place to hang out. Sure you can go to the Gaff, if you want to hang out with the dredge of Waltham and/or college students all nite.

Pam said...

Thanks, Anonymous, for not actually reading my post. I said I really liked the restaurant and noted that I don't like to review places that have just opened, but I thought the food warranted a mention. You're right - I don't need someone to tell me what to drink, which is exactly why I found the cocktail list to be lacking. I know basic drinks; I want the bartender to come up with something interesting I might not have thought of.

But like you said, haters gonna hate, and that includes you. And I've never seen a college student at The Gaff.

Anonymous said...

Just returned from having lunch with my husband. We didn't realize that Guidos was opened and decided to lunch there instead of Habaneros. The decor is really nice. Love the black and red. There is a lack of customer service at the bar area where we were seated. There were three couples and we were only welcomed with a hello. No one got waters, it took awhile before we were all given menus,and every time we asked the bartender for something: our water, to place an order etc., he would forget. This happened to each of of us at the bar. The food was tasty. I ordered the steak panini. There are definitely a few things that could be improved, but it will take time since they just opened. We would definitely go back in a few months.

Anonymous said...

I like how the first anonymous is either A. one of the jerkoffs that own the place or B. one of the braindead morons the work there. Nice work!