Monday, November 5, 2012

Bon Chon = Meat Candy

You've been to Bon Chon, right? No?? You've at least heard about the crazy-addictive fried chicken there, right? I HATE chicken wings, but I will happily eat them at Bon Chon. They are crispy and moist and delicious and everything fried chicken should be.

But my favorite thing at Bon Chon is not the wings or the drumsticks, but the chicken strips. I know that people are pretty firmly divided between white and dark meat, and that dark meat people won't even touch the strips at Bon Chon. But they're missing out. These are no chicken tenders you'd find anywhere else. These are, truly, meat candy, especially if you opt for the soy glaze instead of the spicy. They're sweet and crunchy, and the chicken is so thin, it's almost like a tender jerky.

I went with a bunch of friends for dinner tonight, and we gorged ourselves silly on chicken and other delicious things for about $20 each. I had really forgotten just how good Bon Chon could be. I haven't actually eaten there in a year and a half - it was the last restaurant I ate at with my brother before he died. Ann and I took him on a Friday night, so of course there was an insane wait. He thus dubbed the meal "forever chicken" because that's how long it took to get food. For a while, I thought that there was no way I could ever eat at the restaurant again. Tonight, when the waitress showed us to our seats (much quicker - thanks, Monday night!), I wasn't entirely surprised to see our group headed for the exact table where we had sat with Ron. In fact, Ann and I took the exact same seats at the table, and the one right next to me, where I introduced Ron to forever chicken, was empty.

So if you go, order some forever chicken meat candy. I did, and it made me quite happy.


Erin said...

That's it. I want a meat candy date with you guys and Lilly. Let's make this happen!

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