Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Favorite Ice Cream

You may have noticed that I like ice cream. It's a major food group for me, and there's never a family get-together that doesn't end with ice cream. I'm usually a Brigham's girl (which is why I was so upset to hear that they had been sold to Hood), but my all-time favorite ice cream is from Kimball Farm. I usually go to the one in Carlisle, but their location in Westford is much bigger (and includes mini golf and bumper boats!). Sadly, it's kind of far from the city, so I only go once in a while, but when I do, man do I enjoy it.

Oh, and that amazing (but melty) peppermint stick ice cream you see there, measuring over 2 full cups? That's a kiddie size and cost about $3. It also has a fantastically creamy base and is loaded with tons of both red and green peppermint stick flakes. Maybe it's a good thing this isn't closer to the city, or I'd be eating there all the time.


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Susie said...

omg how is that a kiddie size?!?! Amazing. Kimball's is awesome. Though I just don't feel right eating peppermint stick ice cream in the middle of summer since i grew up eating it over the holidays!

Pam said...

Exactly! It's more the size of a pint!

No one else in my family really likes peppermint stick as much as I do, so I'll take it whenever I get the chance ;)

Anonymous said...

i love pep stick and the mini golf. That picture is unreal