Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Better than Tea with the Queen

The word "crumpets" brings to mind hours-long tea service with polished silver and waiters in white gloves, not me rushing out the door to catch the train. But every morning for the past few weeks, my day has begun just like that - a warm crumpet resting precariously on a paper towel as I dodge traffic and snarky commuters.

Trader Joe's makes these fantastic Cinnamon Crumpets that toast perfectly in the toaster in just a couple of minutes. The outside gets crunchy, while the inside stays moist and chewy. Top it off with Trader Joe's equally-excellent Pumpkin Butter, and it's a fairly perfect breakfast. Quite civilized, to say the least.

I am quite aware that this post is verging on Trader Joe-obsession, but I'm overwhelmed by how well these two things pair together. It will be a sad day when the pumpkin butter disappears for the season - guess that means I better stock up!

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