Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cheap Eats: The Hen House

For the longest time, I thought chicken and waffles sounded like the weirdest combination of foods there could be. But after one taste, it was clear why this is a favorite meal of so many people. Crispy and gooey, salty and sweet, chicken and waffles are perfect for when you can't decide if you want breakfast or dinner. Luckily, Boston has it's very own source for chicken waffles in The Hen House, where $7.49 buys you a full plate of warm, gooey, crispy deliciousness.

The instructions for the chicken and waffles meal takes up a full page of the menu - choose your waffle (buttermilk, multigrain, cornbread), your butter (homemade whipped, 5 herb, cajun), your syrup (maple, clove honey, maple BBQ), your chicken (tenders, wings, or whole pieces), and your sauce (with over 12 choices). The syrups and sauces are self-serve, meaning you can try as many as you like - half the fun, in fact, is sampling them all. The Teradactal (a soy-based bbq sauce) and the Apricot Chipotle (which tastes, um, exactly like it sounds) are two particularly strong choices. This is definitely a meal where finding that perfect bite is up to you, and while figuring out which list of ingredients is right for you is a little time-consuming, the reward is well worth it.

If you're still not sure about the sweet and savory combo, The Hen House has plenty of other offerings to keep you full. Fried chicken in just about any form you could want, ribs, sandwiches, salads, and plenty of Southern-style sides make up the rest of the menu. And for dessert? The waffle ice cream sandwich is your only choice, but really, is there any other way to finish off this meal?

The Hen House is located at 1033 Mass. Ave. in Roxbury. They are open Sunday 11am-8pm, Monday through Thursday 11am-10pm, and Friday and Saturday 11am-4am.

Originally published on Bostonist.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really glad to see that someone else give kudos to the chicken and waffle combination; it is pretty killer.
Love the photos on your site... wondered what you shoot them with?

Pam said...

Thanks very much! I was actually pretty horrified by the combo before I tried it - but yeah, it won me over.

I use a Canon PowerShot A630 - small enough to be unobtrusive in a restaurant but powerful enough to get a decent shot.