Friday, September 5, 2008

Coolidge Corner Clubhouse, Brookline

Recently, every time I've been in Coolidge Corner with friends, it's been hard to make a decision on where to eat. This place has a long line, that place isn't what we're in the mood for. Somehow, the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse gets suggested and we'll go in because nothing else sounds right. And then I order my favorite chicken sandwich and start berating myself for not thinking of the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse sooner.

The menu at CCC is huge, broken up into salads, grilled chicken, burgers, mixed grill, fajitas... and it keeps going. But the thing I've been ordering lately is the Tom Brady (yes, many of the sandwiches have Boston-based sports names... what do you expect from a "sports pub"?). Grilled chicken with boursin and bacon... sounds like heaven, right? It really is. The chicken is well-cooked and moist, and the boursin is all kinds of garlicky and delicious. The curly fries on the side, which come in a vast heap, are crunchy and fried to perfection. They're also great for cleaning up any boursin that may have escaped the sides of the sandwich.

The chicken sandwiches at CCC are huge and will keep you filled all day. There are many other great sandwiches (and meals, for that matter) on the menu, but I've had a hard time not ordering the Tom Brady.

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Anonymous said...

tommy is delicious!