Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Root for the Red Sox with Free Ice Cream

To celebrate Opening Day at Fenway, JP Licks, local purveyors of some tasty ice cream (and wacky flavors), is offering free scoops at all their locations today. You can order any of their unique ice creams or yogurts, but why not use the chance to try one of the Red Sox-themed flavors?

-- Rice Dice Kream -- This tastes a lot like a frozen rice pudding, with short grain rice, lots of vanilla, and just a hint of nutmeg.

-- Green Monster Tea -- Just like the name says, this is a strong green tea-flavored ice cream.

-- Manny's Mocha Chip -- Chocolate coffee ice cream shares the batter's box with big chunks of chocolate.

-- One Sweet World Series -- Bostonist's favorite, and not just because of the name. This one features a really strong coffee ice cream with swirls of caramel and chunks of heath bar for crunch.

-- Cherry Garciaparra Ortiz -- This one is clearly not new, but just like Big Papi, cherries and chocolate are always magic.

Bostonist thinks a few more Red Sox flavors should be added to the board. How about some BoysenBeckett, or Coco's Choco Crisp (chocolate ice cream with chunks of Crunch bars)? And of course, Cherry Ortiz should be renamed Cherry Remy, since that's just a name that rolls off the tongue of any local sports fan.

And if the ice cream doesn't fill you up, visit any of the local Chipotle Mexican Grills for free chips and guacamole throughout the day as well!

Originally posted at Bostonist. Victoria Welch and Jocelyn Noyes contributed.


Liney said...

You are evil. I bought chocolate icecream today. Also... I think my new employer is Armenian.

Pam said...

Is that one train of thought? Am I evil on both accounts?

And does that mean you got a job job for after school?