Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bottega Fiorentina, Coolidge Corner

Bottega Fiorentina, right in the middle of Coolidge Corner, doesn't look like much. Push open the door, and the small space is filled with a long counter and picnic bench seating. Various Italian groceries line the wall, mostly dried pasta and canned tomatoes.

Everyday, the Bottega offers 8 or 9 hot specials, including pasta, soup, and meat dishes. The also make fresh sandwiches and salads that look great. When I peeked in, though, I wasn't looking for a meal; I was dying to try their focaccia.

And the focaccia was not a disappointment. The dough was salty with just a touch of sweetness, and it had nice layering to it. The bottom was crisp but not hard, and there was a nice crumb to the edge. This particular piece was topped with oily and sweet onions and lots of black pepper. I could eat only this for a meal and be completely happy. This was, by far, the best focaccia I've had since my last trip to Italy.

For dessert, I tried the Nutella calzone. It was small, about the size of my palm, and not as good as the focaccia. The entire calzone had been fried, which left the dough too chewy. Overall, though, the taste was good: the dough was not overly sweet, and the Nutella was... well, Nutella.

I'm looking forward to trying their meals, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to order anything beyond the focaccia because it was so tasty.

Bottega Fiorentina in Brookline


Cassandra Mortmain said...

I haven't been there for maybe a year, but I used to go constantly and I highly recommend the pumpkin torteloni. Oh god, just thinking about them makes me so hungry. Maybe I'll go this weekend..

Pam said...

Ooh, good to know about the pumpkin torteloni... That will be a good meal when it gets a little cooler... what am I talking about, it was cool enough this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Also, go around the corner from there and down the steps to Firenze. Service can be a little slow, but the food is worth it.