Monday, May 21, 2007

How I Met My Eggplant

I was never a fan of vegetables as a kid. They were usually overcooked and bland, and they weren't something I wanted to waste my time on. One veggie, though, always had a place on my plate - eggplant. And this was primarily because it was always covered in cheese.

My mother's eggplant recipe is easy - so easy, it shouldn't even be called a recipe. Simply slice an eggplant into 1/8-inch thick rounds and soak in salted water to draw out the bitterness. Once the water turns brown (yum!), drain and lay the slices on an oiled baking sheet (I use an oil mister, then spray the tops of the slices too).

Top with grated Parmesan cheese (it wasn't until I had already bought the Parm that I realized my mother uses mozzarella, which is even tastier) and bake at 400 degrees until the cheese bubbles and browns. Try not to burn your fingers as you greedily peel the slices off the pan.

And of course, a girl can't live on eggplant and cheese alone (wait a minute...). I also made some chicken, quickly marinated in some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, chopped garlic and oregano flakes. All I can say is "Wow". The balsamic gave it a lovely brown tone that concerned me while it cooked... it looked burned. Luckily, it was tasty and very juicy.


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Pam said...

If you show up at my door, I'll cook for you... but then you'll be subjected to whatever's in my fridge ;)

Anonymous said...

I do this with zucchini sometimes.

You have no idea how many times I just tried to spell zucchini.

Pam said...

Jenny, do you have to cut the zucchini kind of thick? It seems like a thin slice would disappear once all the water evaporated... eggplant seems to have a little more heft.

Unknown said...

WOW (impressed look). Your eggplant dish looks so yummy.

Here I bought a sauce pack for Sauce for Spicy Garlic Egg-plant so as to skip all the seasonings! and i will try this friday after work.