Sunday, November 2, 2014

Taking "Cave Cibum" a Little Too Literally

Are you surprised to see a new post here? So am I! Truth be told, I got a little burned out with this project for a while, and when I finally had new things to write about, I wasn't too excited to actually follow through. But enough of my family has guilt-tripped me into writing again, so I guess you have them to blame for this (*cough*Berj*cough*).


When I named this blog Cave Cibum (which is Latin for "beware the food"), I didn't have any particular allergies or anything to be cautious about when it came to food. I was just being a nerd, wanting a title in Latin to confuse just about everyone. (Guess what? That worked! No one can pronounce Cave Cibum!)

But a little over a year ago, I decided to try eating a gluten-free diet for a little while to see if it would clear up the myriad tiny health problems I had that all added up to me feeling terrible. I had had periods of eating low-carb (South Beach style) in the past where I felt great, but I assumed that was because I wasn't eating anything bad for me. I had an inkling that maybe wheat was the real issue.

I won't bore you with the details, because everyone who has moved to a gluten-free lifestyle has a story to tell about how they got there, but suffice it to say that this has definitely done the trick for me. I don't have celiac disease (thank goodness!) or even an allergy, but I can tell the difference when I eat wheat, and that's all that matters.

Screw all those people who think I'm being pretentious or have just jumped on the next diet bandwagon.

I've spent the last year just getting my footing in the kitchen again. A lot of things I cook are already wheat-free (or are very easily adaptable), but do you really want to hear about egg scrambles and stir-fry? I've also never been big into cooking - baking has been my love. I haven't really jumped into gluten-free baking yet because I'm intimidated. Hopefully I can work out some of that intimidation right here.

So are you along for the ride with me? It's ok if you're not; if I just write this for me and those couple of cousins and aunts who keep hounding me, I'll be alright.

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Flea said...

I'm reading what you are writing. I grew up in Fresno where my mother would go to an Armenian bakery and buy Sou Boureg, I have never made it the way you described in a past recipe. Thank you for writing it.
I will follow it. I am not living in California now, I live in a place I have deemed "a food island" no one cooks here or has a passion for food. I will spend some time looking at other things you have written. Many thanks,
Signed, a fellow cook, who is passionate about cooking and eating; Felicia Levy Weston