Thursday, March 27, 2008

Better Than Most of the Food Network

Cutest. Child. Ever.

I think I learned more from this video than from some of the stuff on TV.

**Thanks to 10Thirty for pointing this out.


Anonymous said...

Don't you kind of wish this kid belonged to you, or that you at least knew him? I know I do! In a non-stalkerish/un-perverted way, of course.

Pam said...

Totally! I know some damn cute kids, but until they can teach me how to cook, this kid is at the top of my list. (Although my coworker said his 2-year-old son knows the ingredients in pancakes, and I think he's pinch-his-cheeks, stuff-in-your-pocket cute, so we'll have to see).

Ginny said...

that is the cutest and smartest kid ever! i love your foodie youtube videos! thanks!

Pam said...

Thanks, Ginny! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets a kick out of the videos I find!