Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why, Fox? Why?

I love Amazon. Somehow, it always knows exactly what impulse-purchase item to show me that I just have to buy. Case in point: the Kitchen Confidential DVD set.

Kitchen Confidential, based on the Anthony Bourdain book of the same name, aired on Fox in 2005. Now me and Fox, we have a bad track record. They go and air great shows, then cut them down before any has even had a chance to realize they're on TV. Good job, Fox!

So before this becomes a rant about television programming in general, I just want to urge everyone to watch Kitchen Confidential on DVD. If you've read the book, you'll recognize a lot of the points that Bourdain talks about - a chef's ability to tolerate pain, the crazy baker that no one understands, the front of the house/back of the house split, just how far a restaurant will go to get the best ingredients, etc. If you haven't read it, the show will still be hilarious.

The cast, including Bradley Cooper, Nicholas Brendon, Owain Yeoman, Jaime King, Bonnie Somerville, and John Cho, work so well together, I had no problem seeing them as a real working staff. They rib on each other, especially on the newbie Jim, in a way that makes them tighter.

The Dance of Cooking

"Oh no, Jim's having a fake seizure!"

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